Guitar and Bass electronic solutions

In case you have several pedals, amps and multiple guitars which you want to use on a single gig, you probasbly have had challenges.
Figuring out the right cabling, cases, switches and settings. These are the things VLoTech can help you with. 

Guitar and Bass amplifier repair

Guitar and Bass amplifiers are used on stage and therefore moved a lot. 
All damage due to an amp, due to movement, gathering dust or any other cause (read beer...) can be investigated and if possible repaired. 

Video Players

 Several video player solutions are available. These are all based on open source available solutions, but customised for specific usage
A list of examples of used components to create the proper solution

  • VLC (videolan)
  • Gstreamer
  • Quartz Composer (OSX)


  • Beagle board
  • Neuros OSD2
  • Nvidia ION (mini-itx)
  • Mac Mini
  • Generic PC platfom


Line6 FBV interface unit

The line6 FBV is a very versatile floorboard to control an amplifier (rack) for guitarists.

The downside of the FBV is only that it normally only works for Line6 Products. The FBV uses an own protocol and therefore cannot communicate direct with other equipment.

The FBV interface unit translates the FBV own protocol to MIDI. Also with additional configuration it is also possible to use the LEDs and display for feedback to the guitarist. (showing which units are on, what channel is selected, tuner output).

The devices it can communicate with are:

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